Video Call Etiquette 101

Video Call Etiquette 101

Published under on May 21, 2020

Video conference meetings are now the norm, especially for those who are doing remote work. If you think about it, there’s nothing difficult about going online and having a meeting with a bunch of people, especially those that you talk to almost every day. But wait, did you know that there’s actually a better way of doing it? Check which ones you are actually doing and things you should be refraining from.

Five Do’s

Do #1 Be Punctual

Like all personal meetings, it’s only respectful to be on time. Make sure to be prepared at least five minutes in advance with your materials especially if you’ll be sharing screens. You don’t want to be the last person coming in or the one who’s scrambling for files while singing elevator music at the same time.

Do #2. Check Your Equipment

Can people actually see you? Make sure the camera angle is properly set up and you are near a light source so you don’t look like a ghost. We don’t want people to have a hard time finding you.

Do #3. Close the Door

Like any type of meeting, this indicates that you need some privacy. Tell your loved ones, too, that you’re having a meeting. This way, people won’t be coming in and out during your call.

Do #4. Be a Mindful Participant

The best way to level up your game during a video conference is to simply be there. Be mindful especially if your cameras are on or if you are not on mute. Simply put, be on your best behavior.

Do #5. Maintain the Human Connection

Don’t you just hate it when people skip on you during class? The same way works during video calls. If possible, address everyone in the call. Genuinely ask how they are doing, lighten up conversations, and be a better human.

Five Don’ts

Don’t #1. Call If Your Connection is Not Ready

Bad internet connection is a no-no. So double-check your connection beforehand, and when you’re sharing your screen, you may turn off your camera to save on bandwidth.

Don’t #2. Be The Noisy Kid

Yes, the kid in class with a loud voice, who’s talking too much, or making too many noises. Any noise in the background can easily be heard especially during video conferences. Remember that microphones amplify all types of sounds, even when you try to silently attempt to eat chips during a meeting! When possible, use a headset and be in a quiet space.

Don’t #3. Overdress or Underdress

We’ve seen all the viral videos of people wearing suits, but sporting boxer shorts. Worse even, those who don’t wear anything at all and accidentally switch their camera on. We don’t want any of that, do we? So just make sure you are properly dressed and groomed. Remember, we’re all at home, but we’re still working remotely, too.

Don’t #4 Use Messy Backgrounds

You don’t need a beautiful workspace at home, you just need a clean one that isn’t messy. If you can find a place with a neutral or dull background, the better. You may also opt to use fake filtered backgrounds so people won’t be distracted by the mess in the background.

Don’t #5 Multitask

Avoid eating, playing with pets, or your phone. This is still a meeting after all, and people are sharing their time with you so don’t be distracted with things you can do later on.

At the end of the day, meetings from home still require human connections. Make sure you establish that by being respectful and professional-even during digital meetings.

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