Tips for Mindful Eating When Working From Home

Tips for Mindful Eating When Working From Home

Published under on April 22, 2020

During this crisis, adapting to the “new normal” (however this may be for you at this time) can be very challenging, particularly when we are confined to our houses and the routine becomes “eat, phone, work, and sleep”. This is if we are lucky enough to be even working from home.

Being mindful of our actions is something most of us neglect. That’s when poor patterns start to become habits. Perhaps we can start the transition with one common thing we do every day: eating. Watching what we eat (and drink) can actually benefit our health in the long run.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is literally trusting your gut. It means paying closer attention to what you’re eating, taking it slow, and listening to your body when it says you’ve had enough. It also means selecting the right food to supply you with enough nutrition your body needs. Keep reading for tips on how to start with mindful eating while working from home:

1. Prepare your food in advance and schedule your meals throughout the day.

If you can, try to prepare your meals ahead of time, just like you would on days you physically go to an office. It doesn’t have to be fancy, really. Simple recipes like overnight oats, a bag of lettuce, steamed fish, buttered veggies, and a boiled egg can pass as a healthy meal combination already. Just watch out for the portions.

And while you’re at it, set the schedule of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner-just as you would on a regular workday. Stick to a consistent time of eating and cooking routine for a more sustainable and healthy diet.

2. Go for the healthier snack options.

Snacking is an important part of your diet as it keeps you from feeling hungry before meals. It can also help you from overeating that may turn into unwanted weight.

Being mindful of what you eat in-between meals determines your energy in the middle of the day. While we know that some options might be limited at this time, our suggestion is to go for the healthier ones you can find like the following:

-Veggies that you can eat raw paired with low-carb dips

-Dried fruits or raw and unsalted nuts instead of high-sodium chips

-Dark chocolate and apples for a low-sugar, quick energy kick

Hot and healthy beverages (to warm your insides)

-Make-your-own protein bars to munch after a quick work-out sesh

-Water, drink lots of it to keep you hydrated throughout the day

3. Take a break and move your body to keep your blood flowing.

Say you’ve been stuck on your screen for the whole afternoon. You’ve also just finished your healthy snack, and you suddenly caught yourself reaching out for the bag of chips that’s been long staring at you from the kitchen cabinet. We all have this – the tendency to munch on food thoughtlessly because you feel restless.

Here’s what you can do instead:

-Drink a glass of water. Water takes up space in your stomach and it definitely makes you feel more full.

-Take advantage of your living space by going around and moving your body. You can also try these easy exercises to keep your blood flowing.

-Wash your face or better yet, take a shower. Freshen yourself up for a squeaky clean feeling!

-Read a book, call a friend, meditate, or do whatever you feel like doing to reconnect with your inner self and be in the moment. (Then ask yourself if you still want to eat that bag of chips, on repeat.)

-Take a break from your usual work spot and try different places inside the house, if you can. Changing the “scenery” can actually help you stay focused and on-track with what to eat and when it’s time to eat.

Working from home has its benefits as well as challenges. And while each of us may have unique ways of coping with a crisis, taking care of our health should be the top priority. Stay strong (physically and mentally), you can get through this!

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