A Letter from Mom

A Letter from Mom

Published under on May 7, 2020


There are quite a number of things we can learn from what is happening around the world during this time of uncertainty. One way to do that is by looking at it from a different perspective. We asked one new Mommy to share with us what it’s like to have a newborn at this time. What she gave was a love letter to her baby.


My darling little one,

A year from now, things will probably look very different. For everyone else, what we have now is the “new normal”, but for you this has always been the norm. While your father and I could spend time worrying, we are instead choosing to look at this as a blessing.

Having been given the privilege to work from home at this time, I have not only witnessed, but have been a part of so many of your milestones. The first time you learned to mimic mommy’s hands to close and open yours. The first time you turned to your side and learned to rolled over. The first time you learned how to charm us with your smile. And so many other firsts! I could also nurse you directly every single time that you were hungry. All of these right in the comfort of our home, while also still being able to work and earn a living.

You see, honey, this time has been quite bittersweet. While I consider this an unusual blessing, there are a special group of people who have chosen to sacrifice time with their babies in exchange of taking care of those in the hospital, making sure many can put food on the table, and also making sure that everywhere it is clean and safe. You may not understand this yet, but they are our heroes.

While you are mastering skills in the confines of our home, we have warriors battling a war outside. When our heroes have won that battle, you will see how beautiful the world is outside and why they are powering through this.

Every moment that I’ve gotten to spend with you, I’ve learned to cherish so much more than I probably would have before all of this. Instead of fear overshadowing my days, I am filled with joy in seeing how much light you have inside of you. My love for you came long before you were born, but it has grown so much deeper the more I got to be with you. You knew how to tug at my heartstrings in the moments your cries would wake me in the wee hours of the morning to the ones where you’d coo happily in mommy’s embrace.

In becoming a mother, I’ve sacrificed myself only to gain more love for you. Among the many things those at the frontlines have taught me, the most powerful lesson is that committing yourself to the welfare of others requires a love that can only be paid through sacrifice.

Many years from now, this will be a distant memory, but one I want you to remember vividly. As thankful as I am for how you have made me a better person, I am also filled with gratitude for those at the frontlines.

With all my love,


No matter where they are in the midst of this, all mothers must be feeling extra protective of their loved ones. So from all of us here at Demand Science, we want to thank you for all the sacrifices you are making both at the frontlines and at home.

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