Job Hunting in January

Job Hunting in January

Published under on January 8, 2019

Some people equate New Year to a new career so there’s more competition for job seekers in January. If you’re looking at job openings right now, here are a few tips to get you started and ahead of the game:

Apply only to jobs and companies that you are passionate about. Target X number of resumes you need to send in a day or interviews to attend in a week. Take control and you’ll feel a lot better about your job search.

Send your resume as soon as possible to as many job openings as you can. But make sure you customize your resume and cover letters to the company and role you’re applying for. The second best time is “now.” Signing up to job alerts and email notifications may also come in handy.

Improve your personal pitch by keeping it short and snappy! Prepare your interview outfit and get in touch with your references. These little things can help boost your confidence and make you feel ready come interview day.

A positive online presence is a sign of self-awareness and responsibility. Make a good impression by updating your profile and uploading appropriate content. Whether you’re looking for IT jobs, telemarketing jobs or other opportunities, keep in mind that social media can now impact your application. Try googling yourself to check for red flags. Make your professional social media accounts public so employers can find you easily.

Best of luck and Happy New Career!

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