How to Nurture Yourself During a Crisis

How to Nurture Yourself During a Crisis

Published under on June 29, 2020

The school has taught us that nutrition is all about making sure we get the food that’s necessary for our growth. Being healthy requires adequate nutrition and we want to be as healthy as we possibly can. But how do we nurture ourselves during a crisis? Can we still grow on days when we only want to survive? The answer is yes, and here’s how.


Self-care, self-soothe, self-love. Confusing isn’t it? They all mean making ourselves our main priority. There are activities that can comfort us, help us stay grounded, and even move us forward. It doesn’t mean watching hours of Netflix, or eating junk food because it makes us feel “better”. Truly loving and caring for ourselves includes eating a balanced diet (even the vegetables we don’t like), doing exercises, and taking restful sleeping routines.

Meditate. Pray. Be Grateful.

We’re not talking about religion. Whether or not we believe in a higher spiritual being, or something that’s bigger than us, we can all take time every day to be grateful. Science tells us that listing down just five specific things we’re grateful for already makes us focus on the present moment. Grounding ourselves in the now can help lessen stress and remove worries and anxiety.

Learn a new skill.

Personal growth means going out of our comfort zone to actually learn something. Be it a new hobby waiting to be taken up or a new skill needed for work. Now is the time to be a kid again. Learning never really stops, regardless of any situation.

Restart your passion project.

If you’ve found your passion in life, that’s great! Continue working on it. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Passion and purpose are meant to be pursued. “How?” some may ask. Just start. That’s all there is to it. It’s already within us. We just need to dig deep, look for the things that interest us, and work from there.

Love like you mean it.

Improving ourselves means improving our relationships, too. Be it with our pets, our workmates, our friends, and, most importantly, our family. They form our support system. Now’s a good time to reach out or spend more time with them.

We’ve all been through different trying situations, and they’ve only made us stronger, wiser, and better. We might not always understand why things happen, but that’s when real growth can come in. May we use this season as a way to care, love, and nurture our self more-each and every day. Believe that whatever happens, we can always try again tomorrow. That’s how we will truly grow.

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