Heroes Work Here

Heroes Work Here

Published under on June 22, 2020

We’ve all seen them before happily roaming the office hallways while giving out high fives and hugs to everyone. Through this period, they’ve proven that their powers go beyond desks, hallways, community check points and cities. They are the ones who have stood out and gone the extra mile to help a colleague out.

With a call to honor these people, our HR Team have gathered testimonials from colleagues who have been on the receiving end of that help. In this article, we are unmasking these heroes’ identities. They are the ones leading the way to show us how we can go beyond ourselves.

Leo Cordero, Lei Ebuenga, Joni Pasalgon, Brigett Rivera and Francis Sinco – Makati & Davao

“Database, data source servers, and visualization tools are necessities in my line of function. One of my major projects is nearing its deadline. My reports need to run in a stable connection and large bandwidth to and from the server. I was working literally under the stars in our garage just to get a good signal for the first two weeks while in quarantine. My apprehension turned into frustration as I was barely able to fully deliver and thinking of failing miserably to provide as a breadwinner and a solo parent.”

“I am both honored and grateful that I belong to this brilliant bunch, Data Science and Business Intelligence Team – Lei Ebuenga, Jet Rivera, Joni Pasalgon, and Francis Sinco, sparing some time out of their heavy workloads and assisting me on things my current capacity cannot do. It is a testament that my teammates live and breathe the Bayanihan spirit.”

Grace Corpuz-Gustilo – Makati

“She has been one of the greatest friends/officemates during this pandemic.”

“She has been sending out food to our other office mates, checking in on them if they’re sick, and sending them comfort food to make them feel better. She also sends funny and cute videos of her daughter, Tamtam, to share the good vibes and make us smile. The great mother that she is, during an incident, she carried Tamtam, for about 2kms, and 10+ flights of stairs to bring her daughter to safety. She has gone above and beyond as a hero to her colleagues and her family.”

Laarnie Bagares – Pampanga

“Laarnie helped me get a desktop computer from the office (Angeles City Site) during the lockdown. She lives about 20 kilometers from where I live and went the extra mile by delivering it to my house. Laarnie deserves to be recognized.”

Kimberlie Peralta – Pampanga

“Kimberlie Peralta of SBL helped me with my internet connection upgrade. At the start of the WFH (work from home) set-up, I had a really hard time with my connection. Most of the time, my line kept getting cut in and out while on call. Then Kim helped me without hesitation even though we aren’t that close. I just want to let her know that it is much appreciated.”

Jomae Jarvina and Peter Montealegre – Makati

“Just coming up with games such as the “Quaranchill” and the like really helps lighten up the mood for the employees. It also encourages camaraderie and teamwork among colleagues from different teams. They’re doing their best in helping all of us get by with the new normal through various efforts in creating opportunities to keep everyone interacting with each other, even though we’re apart.”

Cyndrelle Martinez – Davao

“Cyndrelle is very quick in making sure the protocols are followed and, at the same time, she answers health-related issues/concerns in a manner that would alleviate the nerves. She makes time to do consultations for emergency cases even after working hours. She doesn’t mind that you message her regarding health concerns you might have.”

Entire IT Support Team (Multiple Sites)

“The entire IT Operations Team for all of their hard work (literally and figuratively) in preparation for the lockdown across all sites. They worked extended hours to finish preparing all the equipment so that employees would be able to work from their homes. Even through the ECQ, some were still willing to go out of their houses to be in the office to prepare and assist the employees who borrowed the Desktop PCs. They were also able to assist in the installation of the necessary tools and software to prepare the employees in working remotely.”

These are the true MVPs, the all-time winners, the champs, the legends. All of them are heroes who make our everyday lives a whole lot better. These are our heroes, and we’re honored that they work here.

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