Family is What Matters Most

Family is What Matters Most

Published under on July 22, 2019

As you sift through job openings and new opportunities, you might already have a list in your head of the factors you consider as you make the jump. Selecting a new path for yourself is a complex decision but it will not hurt choosing a company that values the same thing as you do.

At Demand Science, the family comes first. Our culture is deeply rooted in the values that resembles that of a family’s: warmth, fun, acceptance, and support. As we celebrate Hug Your Kids Day, we asked our employees the kind of activities they love to do with their families, and how they manage life between work and family—and their answers are giving us the real feels. Hashtag inspirational, hashtag family love.

Family Bonding

With a fixed schedule and weekends off, employees of Demand Science are able to spend time with their kids.

Irene Torres, a Data Research Production Manager Lead QA in our Davao site, states, “Spending quality time with our boy and making sure that we, his family, are always present in programs/events that exhibit his talents/skills and/or even recognize his achievements are just some of the ways we show our love to him.”

Ronnie Santos, an IT Administrator from Makati, supports this by saying, “My son & I follow a routine and we do our best to combine chores and bonding time. While it can be stressful and exhausting, seeing him smile, laugh, and cry, plus getting a hug makes it worthwhile.”

“Dedicating my weekends to my family is how I’m able to care for them while working a full-time job. I either cook for them or we eat out. Sometimes, we even go to Tagaytay just to get our favorite cream cheese pie,” Atty. Mary Pacheco, our Corporate Legal Counsel based in Makati, added.

Meanwhile, Carlo Muñasque from our Telemarketing team in Cebu expounds that working at Demand Science has been helpful because their policies and culture are made with the employee in mind. He said, “As a father, I will do everything just to see my son happy. Even with my graveyard schedule, I’m able to build good communication with my son and his mother. It never became a reason for me not to spend time with them.”

Time Management & Ample Support

Striking the balance between parenting and work life is tough. But with enough support and proper time management, this balance is achievable.

“It is really challenging to balance everything when you’re raising a toddler. But proper time management, division of labor with my husband and some assistance from my mother helps,” said Vera Mandanas-Lorio from our Inside Sales team in Makati.

Jenelyn Enorasa from Telemarketing in Cebu stated, “By working a full-time job at Demand Science, I have a fixed schedule with weekends off. That means I can cook every morning at our house and prepare my son’s favorite food.”

“Demand Science has helped me fulfill my role as a father by allowing me to be financially-capable of providing for my family’s needs and wants,” Nathaniel Lubang from Demand Science Cebu said.

Balbina Raymundo, a Telemarketing Associate based in our Pampanga office, added, “Since I only get to see my kids on weekdays, I take on all the household responsibilities. And if I have extra money, I surprise them with something that they can eat when I get home.”

Elmarx Olayvar

“When I’m on the morning shift, my family and I can still go out and I can look after my daughter until she falls asleep. When I am on the mid-shift, it’s only as if I stayed up late and come morning, I still have time to spend with my family and I look after my daughter before I go to work and before she has her afternoon nap,” Elmarx Olayvar from Pampanga stated.

Power to the Parents

Being a parent is a life-long commitment and Demand Science salutes the moms and dads who dedicate their lives to make sure that their kids are well, healthy, and happy.

“Being a working mom is tough – there are good and bad days, but I always make sure I spend quality time with my son despite having to deal with errands,” said Jamiee Ayson from our Telemarketing team in Pampanga.

Rube Jane Agravante, a single mom and a Telemarketing Associate from our site in Davao, added, “As a single parent, I’ve been wearing several hats – caring for my bed-ridden mother, looking after my son, and working full-time. Demand Science has been a gift for me. I can’t thank the company enough for how they designed a superb benefit package that is so helpful.”

“It’s not hard to balance my full-time job while taking care of my daughter. I guess that’s one of the perks of working in the graveyard shift. When I come home from work, my daughter’s already up and we have enough time to bond before she goes to school and I hit the sack,” said Jean Daniel Dinglasan, a Telemarketing Operations Manager from Davao.

Culture at Demand Science

Demand Science’s culture has helped its employees get the support they need from their workmates. The company as a whole promotes a culture of warmth, support, and bayanihan.

“The company’s culture even puts an emphasis on putting your family first and exercises the ‘Bayanihan’ culture that ensures business continuity in situations where I need to focus on my family in case of emergencies,” said Christopher Eustaquio, an Email Deliverability and Compliance Specialist based in Makati.

Jet Rivera-Pineda, a Business Intelligence Manager in our Makati site, expressed her appreciation of the flexible work arrangement, “I feel very valued and appreciated by Demand Science in providing me the privilege to have flexible work arrangements.”

Meanwhile, May Ann Pudoc from our Davao office narrated a time when the company’s bayanihan culture really paid off. “Apart from the compensation and benefits, the company culture of bayanihan became evident when my daughter needed to undergo a heart surgery. The entire company fought with us until we won our greatest battle,” she recalled.

Joseph Patindol from Cebu described the work environment, “Our environment here is stress-free that I can be very productive at work and, at the same time, be able to spend more quality time with my family.”

“Working here in Demand Science is such a great opportunity. The compensation and benefits are quite amazing. It really helps me to provide for all the needs of my family. One thing I love the most here in Demand Science is that they truly believe in BAYANIHAN,” Cherry Rose Estrera from Cebu stated.

Taking care of your family doesn’t have to be a one-man job. Sometimes all it takes is the right community to surround yourself with and Demand Science makes sure that our employees have the support they need to keep a family home healthy and happy.

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