Ace that Tech Job Interview with these Pro Tips

Ace that Tech Job Interview with these Pro Tips

Published under on April 15, 2020

We asked our resident Senior Tech Recruiter, Kaycee Ronquillo, how she screens aspiring applicants for technical roles and what she expects of them during the interview. Get ready as we’re spilling the beans for you!

Here’s a list of things your recruiter most probably won’t tell but is looking for in hiring someone like you:

1. “We have to hear at least 90-95% of the keywords written on the job description.”

Our pro-tip here is simple: be honest about yourself, because lying about the technical skills that you have (or do not have) will only get you in some pretty awkward trouble down the road.

While some candidates tend to drop keywords that they only saw on the job description or add technical terms on their CV’s that they don’t really understand, the recruiters will always find a way to verify.

2. “We ask them how they keep themselves updated with new technologies or IT Trends.”

Being updated on the latest trends in the tech industry is very important. And knowing that you only get your information from reliable resources is a plus.

The answer to this question will give your recruiter an indication of how you value your professional development, how engaged you are with the broader IT world, and how resourceful and diligent you can be.

3. “For profiling purposes, we ask what their top 3 most and least favorite technologies are.”

This part would usually give your recruiter and the hiring manager an idea about your strengths and weaknesses, skills-wise.
You’ll also be asked these types of questions for profiling purposes. Meaning, they are already assessing what possible role you’ll play within the team. Or you may be endorsed to a new role if there’s another one that matches your skills better.

4. “For tech roles, it is important to know their software expertise, projects handled, and industries explored.”

Here are a few examples:

-What are your core languages? (.net, php, c#, java, ruby etc.,)

-Do you use any tech stacks alongside your core languages?

-What projects have you handled?

-What are the industries you have worked for?

Many technical skills require training and experience to master, all these can be verified through many ways like your diploma and certifications. But guess what? Your recruiter already knows that but will still ask all these tech-related questions. Why? Because tech plays a crucial role in every company and being able to explain what you know, in a way anyone (techy or not) can understand, gives a sense of your flexibility as a teamplayer and how good your communication skills are.

5.  “We ask how they contribute to developing a project and what tools they need to accomplish the tasks.”

When answering these questions, you can focus on the projects you are most proud of. Be specific and concise in sharing your contributions (daily tasks, responsibilities, who you work closely with, who gets affected by your output, etc.).

This also helps your recruiter know how “experienced” you are by your exposure regardless of how long you’ve been working. One-liner answers don’t work especially for tech interviews. In other words, you have to tell your story as detailed as possible.

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