7 Ways to be a Hero from Home

7 Ways to be a Hero from Home

Published under on June 2, 2020

It’s very easy to get frustrated especially during these times. We know. We understand. If you’re not a health worker or a government frontliner, staying at home can make us all feel helpless. But like they say, not all heroes wear capes, and you can be one of them. Be a Bayani from home simply by doing any of these.

1. Stay at home and focus on your health

That in itself is doing your part! You are already a hero for staying at home. Make sure you take your vitamins, maintain a balanced diet, have a routine in place, and sleep well. Have you been voted as a tribute for your family to buy the essentials? Don’t forget to wear your mask, follow social distancing if you’re buying necessities, and disinfect after. For helping flatten the curve, you are already a hero.

2. Coordinate with legitimate foundations and support their causes

With so many fundraising initiatives out there, make sure you only work with the legitimate ones. Choose an advocacy that’s close to your heart-be it for helping the frontliners with PPEs, donating food for the daily wage earners, or helping freelancers. Remember the monthly budget you allocate for going out with friends? Why not donate it instead? Every bit of help counts.

3. Use your points and donate

From Grab, Paymaya, Globe, and Smart, these are just some of the companies that will help you donate by using your points! Donating has never been so easy.

4. Help fill in the gap

Donate for basic necessities for frontliners – from PPEs, masks, gloves, and even their meals. Do you know a supplier or a friend who knows a supplier? If you do, pass it to the NGOs and private companies coordinating these donations. Logistics for doing this every day is not a joke, and every bit of help goes a long way.

5. Fact check

This is simply not the time to be a keyboard warrior. Know your sources and be educated. Never spread fake news, clickbait headlines, or misinformation. Get it right by checking the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DOH, and your doctors.

6. Check-in with your support system

Everybody needs a hero today, and that includes your family members, your friends, workmates, and even members of your community. Reach out to those you know are self-isolating. Play games with them online. Have quick video chats or share funny memes. Here’s a quick tip, make a list of their names, and check in on them weekly.

7. Be your own hero

If you’re having a bad day, step back and go back to your anchor. Talk to your friends, try meditation, write in your journal, do a quick workout, eat your favorite food, or whatever it is that will help you when you get frustrated and stressed. Find your why and believe that eventually, everything will be okay. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others better.

Remember, during these trying times, we’re all doing the best we can. Yes there will be good and bad days, but there are tons of ways we can all help and be there for one another every single day. So smile and take comfort in the fact that you can be the hero you want to be, especially in a pandemic, you can be a certified #BayaniFromHome

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