5 Reasons Why More Women Should Work in the Tech Industry

5 Reasons Why More Women Should Work in the Tech Industry

Published under on March 30, 2020

In the Philippines, we see education as a way to inspire girls to choose a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. However, when talking about gender gap in the workplace, we still have a lot to do to support the long-standing and more sustainable representation of women, especially in the tech industry.

In celebration of Women’s Month, we gathered some facts from women to inspire more women to pursue a career in the tech industry. Here are 5 reasons why more women should work in tech:

62% of women in tech are confident they’ll earn a promotion within 2 years.

This confidence starts when women in the workplace have a clear career path with opportunities for growth. Being included and recognized for their work also encourages them to continue making significant contributions to their organization. Success happens when they are being heard, trusted, and encouraged by their mentors to achieve their goals. You go, girl!

Women hold 1 in 4 leadership roles in large tech companies.

While there’s a 25% representation of women leading in tech, we still can’t look past how they are still in the minority. This is why we need more female leaders to serve as an inspiration and to actively support the growth of other women in their respective organizations, especially in the tech industry.

80% of women are willing to step-up on the difficult issues we face today.

Positive: What drew them to the tech industry (97%), advice and mentorship (92%), career achievements (88%), and role models (88%).

Negative: Discrimination (87%), workplace culture and inclusivity (85%), and bias (82%).

While questions about discrimination, workplace culture, and bias can be hard to answer, more women are willing to step up and help address these difficult topics.

We need to discuss these issues (both positive and negative) to overcome the stigma that technology and engineering are “male professions” only. Being more open to gender diversity, especially in the workplace, will help cultivate an equally thriving community for all employees.

More women from start-up and big companies are empowering other women to pursue the career they’ve always wanted to have (even if it is in a tech company).

“One thing I always tell young girls: Never let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Growing up, they’d look at me like, Really? Even when I did my college visit, I had someone tell me most people change their minds after the first year. I never gave up. Even when I was having teachers tell me, just take a break from math, you can take this class next year. I said, ‘No, I’m going to take it now.’ I kept pushing for it.” -Michelle Haupt, Operations Engineer at NASA

“I know what future I want to work towards: one where every single Filipino youth, regardless of gender and socioeconomic status, can use technology to make a difference in society.” -Audrey Pe, Founder of WiTech (Women in Tech)

“To the women in STEM, keep on producing good work. We need more good women scientists as role models. Make yourself visible, especially to younger girls. If our girls can associate women with science from a very young age, more girls will pursue science.” -Jacquiline Romero, Filipina Quantum Physicist at the University of Queensland, Australia

“A fascination for the transformative power of tech, and the desire to work with the (smart) people who wooed me to it.” -Leela Srinivasan CMO, SurveyMonkey

“If we do not share our stories and shine a light on inequities, things will not change.” -Ellen Pao, Former CEO of Reddit

The women in the tech industry themselves have spoken.

According to a survey, the top reasons why women choose to work in the tech industry, despite it being male-dominated, are: they liked working in a fast-paced environment (37%), solving problems (35%), maximizing the opportunities for growth (27%), making an impact in the industry (20%), and simply because they are good at it (19%).*

*Source: Women in Tech Statistics: The Experiences of Women in the Tech Industry – TrustRadius, 2019

If you’re still wondering if tech is right for you, know that you are not alone, sister! But we need more women in tech to represent the minority and to finally close the gap that should have never been there in the first place.

One of the challenges for tech companies who want to hire more women is knowing how to make them stay. If you are looking for a long-term career to thrive in and progress on, we’re hiring. Take the leap and join us today!

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