5 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale While Working From Home

5 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale While Working From Home

Published under on June 2, 2020

As we all adapt to our new normal, employees need to try new tactics to motivate one another. Consider these tips and you’ll be more productive while having fun at the same time!

1. Game Time

Charades anyone? Draw and guess games? Just mix it up with different games like Scribbl , Kahoot, Mural or your old time favorite charades. Best to use with video meeting apps and it will feel like the team’s back together.


What better way to get out of a rut than to dress up for the day! Have different categories ranging from Heroes Day, Disney Day, or even a 90s Day. Anything is possible! You can even dress up as the food you’re currently craving right now, and if that doesn’t crack you up, we don’t know what will.

3. Be a Potato

Did you know that meeting apps have camera filters that can help make you be a potato or a pineapple, among others? This easily makes things more light. Use it wisely though, and only in meetings that don’t require you to be at your most professional self.

4. Fun Side Chat Rooms

Do you miss coffee breaks and having lunch with your team? Perhaps you want to do zumba workouts with them, or have a new recipe you want to share. You can do it by easily creating chat rooms and gathering them for these quick social getaways.

5. Ask Random Questions

If you’ll have dinner with six random people, who are they and why? If you had a superpower, what would that be? Random questions can be as personal or as fun as you want them to be. You get to know more about your teammates just like those random conversations during breaks, and you know those are the best ones.

Remember, ideas can come from anywhere! Ask for suggestions from your team and you’re in for a surprise. Share with us how you engage with your teammates and let’s keep the morale going.

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