Demand Science Team, Inc. is a Philippine-based firm under the Pure Incubation group of companies. Founded in 2013, Demand Science works as an extension of the marketing department, integrated within and improving upon internal strategy. We offer topnotch database-centric services, including lead generation and data-oriented solutions.

Demand Science is an ever expanding and evolving back-office support service leveraging a team of young, passionate, and high-caliber professionals from the country’s premier universities, bringing with them a significant amount of experience from leading multi-national firms, such as Financial Times, Morgan Stanley Capital International, Ernst and Young, Fujitsu and more.. Created by seasoned pioneers in the lead-generation industry over the past two decades, Demand Science is set to thrive and provide maximum support to its best-in-class clients.


Barry Harrigan drives the strategic vision for Demand Science and its parent company, Pure Incubation. Barry also serves as Chairman of the Company’s subsidiary firms, including Demand Science, PureB2B and MedData Group. Barry has spent the past 25 years developing businesses in areas of lead generation, demand generation, and online media. Barry has worked extensively in technology markets, multiple B2B markets and the small business market. Barry likes to split his time between his homes in Ipswich, MA and Hilton Head, SC to extend his summer and improve his golf score.


Melissa Chang Chang is Founder, President and CEO of Demand Science and it’s parent company, Pure Incubation, LLC. Melissa is also President and CEO of another Pure Incubation subsidiary firm, PureB2B, and a Director for a third subsidiary firm, MedData Group, LLC. Melissa brought a successful track record of online innovation and web application development when she formed Pure Incubation. She has been an Internet entrepreneur and technology developer for more than a decade. Outside of the office, she can be found renovating her 1890’s home and enjoying time with her husband and daughter.
Pure Incubation

Pure Incubation is a developer and parent company of performance media and database service firms. Founded in 2007 by industry veterans Melissa Chang and Barry Harrigan, Pure Incubation has created and successfully spun off three companies – PureB2B, MedData Group, and Demand Science. Pure Incubation develops new digital strategies and technologies every day.
Pure B2B

PureB2B is a lead generation and data provider that connects marketers with buyers to accelerate the technology and business solutions sales process. Founded in 2009, PureB2B helps marketers meet the ever-changing demands of B2B sales. With several innovative technologies across database marketing, lead generation and analytics, PureB2B provides flexible, scalable solutions for marketers across several vertical markets.