Employee Spotlight: Hanna Sanchez, Team Manager for Demand Generation


Curious about the people behind Demand Science? Well you can get to know them in this special corner.

For today, we have DST’s Team Manager for Demand Generation, Hanna Dorothy Sanchez. This UP graduate has hopped from one industry to another only to find a home and a place to grow at Demand Science.



What did you do before you came to Demand Science?
Before I came to Demand Science, I was everywhere! After I graduated from UP, I took my time in discovering different industries in the first years of my career. I call this my own take on “travelling the world in your 20s”.

My first job was as a copy writer for an advertising and events agency. It was an amazing experience working both the creative and the production side of campaigns. After a while, I jumped to automotive wherein I worked as a marketing officer for a car brand. It was like a fresh and exciting interlude before I went back to advertising, but for weddings this time. I had a good couple of years working with wedding photographers and videographers, and getting to learn to hold the camera, too. On top of this, I was also moonlighting as a freelancer writer, photographer, and co-author of devotional books.

It was in 2013 when I ventured into digital marketing and worked as a Marketing Manager for an app development startup. This became my introduction to email marketing and my eye-opener to the power of online marketing. It was the perfect segue to the time when Anna, my friend and the General Manager for Demand Science, tapped me to pioneer the company’s email marketing team in the Philippines. And the rest was the sunnier part of my journey.

What are you working on (if you can tell us)?
I’m currently leading a team of email marketing professionals and freelancers responsible for the production and overseeing of our client campaigns. I work closely with the US team, implementing the marketing strategies from our Director for Marketing Communications Kristen O’Connell. It’s a pretty amazing job, if I may add, getting to work with super awesome and creative marketers who by the way also come from really interesting backgrounds.

What is your perception of Demand Science?
Demand Science is unlike any place I’ve seen before. I’ve been to different companies and Demand Science is just in a different plane. This company is like a breath of fresh air from all the corporate hullabaloo out there. It’s just a delight to know that creating a sincere yet excellent company culture is actually humanly possible. Business is just done in a refreshing way in Demand Science.

Having seen this company through its baby steps, I’ve witnessed the hands-on shepherding of our US bosses Barry Harrigan and Melissa Chang, keeping the organization flat in such a way that everyone treats everyone else as family. Our General Manager Anna Terrado also did a great job of championing this culture here in the Philippine office. The young, fun, and empowering vibe is just contagious in the office. No one ever dreads coming to work, imagine that. Haha!

No, seriously. It’s a place to work, grow, and stay for the long haul.

How is Demand Science different than other places you’ve worked?
I remember what Barry once told me in our early meetings: “When you take care of the people, the people will take care of the company,” and I believe that is what sets Demand Science apart. There is just sincere love for the employees. They care to know about you, your values, and the setup that can work around your priorities. And true enough, all this genuine care is returned with higher level of commitment from the employees.

What has been your favorite Demand Science moment?
I’ve always treasured the day Barry first visited the Philippines. It was surreal to finally see him and talk to him in the flesh! The genuine warmth was just the same as when we were talking to him over Skype, only now we can actually hug him. He reached into his bag and gave Anna, Davie and I a small plaque, a token of appreciation for having been part of the establishment of Demand Science. It was a humbling and overwhelming moment.

Anything Else (you want to share)?
I’m just so blessed to be part of this power team. Demand Science and its leaders have been instrumental in shaping me as a leader and as a professional. It will be my joy to pass on what I’ve learned to promising marketers.