#DSTitans: This Is Who We Are.

We Are DST

In the highly challenging B2B marketing space, you need giant thinkers and smart balancers of work and play who can truly deliver. They are innovators, creative technologists and dreamers who are always in tune with the market pulse. The B2B world demands it, and the science of marketing calls for it.


Titans epitomized these beings of classical Greek mythology whose brilliance in several pursuits, individually and as one, became the world’s supreme benchmark. In Demand Science, titans rule. People who bring with them grand yet practical ideas that resonate well with the modern world.

But greatness requires nurturing, and mandates that an office become more than just a place to work. DSTitans Arvyn Kent Casquejo and Davie Mateo talk about what makes Demand Science Team tick, and why it attracts people who want to do good and do well.


What’s your own take on this?

What’s the first thing that impresses you about Demand Science Team (DST)?

Kent: Family. Everyone even the Chairman and the President treats all the staff (US and PH) as a family member. We sincerely care about each other’s welfare be it work-related or personal matters. Our relationship does not end inside the office, it very well extends to our own families.

Davie: People and environment.  DST’s mother company, Pure Incubation, as a whole promotes work-life balance and it encourages you to value all other important aspects in your life while excelling in your career. You are given the flexibility in schedule for you to be able to attend family-related activities or have some time off for yourself.


What makes the DST culture uniquely outstanding?

Kent: Mutual trust and respect. In DST, there is this certain harmony and bond that keep everybody together. We are not always there to see what everyone is doing but we see to it that we deal with everyone with respect and trust. We value integrity. This explains the unique culture that we have with regards to time-keeping and working from home. We don’t have a notion of “late” in DST and “working from somewhere else” is always possible for as long as you have a stable Internet connection where you can effectively submit your deliverables.

Davie: Potential Growth – Who doesn’t love working with excellent people in an environment that brings out the best in them, right? Also, since B2B and Lead Gen industry is new to us (Philippines), Pure Incubation offers lots of opportunities for growth and learning. The management’s pro-employee stance ensures that you get what you deserve, or even more.


Lastly, what do you treasure most about working with DST?

Kent: Career Growth. Being a family member, the management is willing to invest on you and delegate to you the things that will make you grow professionally. If you are willing to take on the challenge and learn more, Demand Science is the place for you. This is a place for smart individuals who have unparalleled enthusiasm and undying passion to deliver and excel.

Davie: Partnership. Barry and Melissa are humble leaders and they value their people’s perspectives. Working with them doesn’t make you feel like having an employee-employer relationship, but a partnership. Since they are based 10k miles away, they consult and rely on you on how best to run Demand Science. They share the vision, think and plan with you and even give you an opportunity to set the objectives yourself.